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Driving Lessons Ilford Pass Rates

Learner's who are looking for driving lessons in Ilford always want to find out about what the pass rates are like before choosing which driving school to take driving lessons with in Ilford. We can say our driving instructors pass rates are high but we do not like to keep a percentage record as this can be a little inaccurate. When Learner's take a driving test they may get nervous and not be able to perform correct driving proceedures under pressure when a driving examiner is assesing them, and they may fail. They might be the best Learner driver in Ilford but things can go wrong. But this does not happen to all Learner's in Ilford taking driving lessons in Ilford as below you can see a Learner who passed with us first time and the driving test report form shows Zero Faults which is very rare to do.

" This Learner took driving lessons in Ilford with our driving school in Ilford and passed first time! They scored Zero Minors on the driving test report form in Ilford Goodmayes test centre. A big well done! From the team at Smith driving school office staff."

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Driving Lesson Ilford
Pass Rates

Did you know we have HIGH PASS RATES? We have been around for some years now and have got some great driving instructors that work for our driving school in Ilford. We don't just take on any Driving Instrctors to instruct for us in Ilford. We are very picky and choosy in which Driving Instructors work for Smith Driving School Ilford. There are some desperate driving schools in Ilford that will just employ any driving instructors that approch them. These driving schools don't care about what caliber of driving instructors they supply. We keep our eyes and ears open on bad driving instructors as we get alot of learners registering with our Driving School and half of them come from other driving schools in Ilford. read on

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