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Driving Lessons Ilford Courses

We offer a number of different driving lessons courses in Ilford. Take a look below and see the different Ilford Driving Lessons Courses we offer.

Driving Lessons Ilford

Our driving lessons are one or two hour sessions arranged with you and your driving instructor in Ilford. As a Learner driver in Ilford you could start your driving lessons within two days of registering with our driving school in Ilford. You must pay your Driving Instructor in Ilford in cash. We only have fully qualified driving instructors with a minimum of 5 years giving driving lessons in Ilford.

Pass Plus Lessons Ilford

Our Pass Plus course is aimed at drivers in Ilford that have passed their driving tests and want to be a better driver and by doing this course it may reduce their insurance. It is a minimum requirement of 6 hours of tuition in the Pass Plus Course in Ilford we offer. Cost is £150 for 6 hours.

Motorway Driving Lessons Ilford

Our Motorway driving lessons in Ilford are great if you are going to drive on Motorways. When learning to drive in Ilford you are not allowed to drive on, or even taught on Motorways, as learners are not allowed to go on these types of roads until they pass their driving test. So this is where you will learn how to deal with these types of roads. We don't recommend that anyone goes on motorways untill they have done a a Motorway Driving course in Ilford. Motorway driving lessons in Ilford are charged at £25 per hour.

Refresher Driving Lessons Ilford

Refresher driving Lessons are great for people who already hold a full driving licence in Ilford. They may not of driven in Ilford for a little while or even moved from a quiet area of England to this busy area of Ilford and just need some training to gain some confidence in driving around in Ilford. Refesher driving lessons in Ilford are charged at our normal rates see prices.

Driving Instructor Course Ilford

We offer courses to become a driving instructor in Ilford and you can call us to discuss this further.

Mock Driving Tests in Ilford

Mock tests in Ilford is our speciality. Need to know where you are at in your driving lessons? We can give you a mock test and see how you are doing. We also offer assesment lessons in Ilford that will also let you know how you are doing in your driving lessons.

Parking Lessons Ilford

We offer some driving lessons in ilford that are tailored for learners who need to brush up on their parking skills. You may want to learn how to reverse park on a busy road, reverse around the corner or any aspect of parking that you may want to cover.

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